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Remote Controlled Caddies — Should You Get Bat Caddy X4R or Bat Caddy X8R?

Posted on July 02 2023

Bat Caddy X8R

In recent years, an array of remote-controlled caddies has been launched to meet the high demand. And even though owning a remote-controlled golf caddy is great, not every product is worth the investment. Some products are too fancy, while others may not be equipped with the required features for your particular course, needs, or game.

Many golfers invest considerable time when buying a remote-controlled golf caddy. From specs to load-bearing capacity, there are numerous ways to compare remote-controlled caddies and choose the right one.

To help golfers make the right call for their next purchase, we have compared two elitist remote-controlled caddies: Bat Caddy X4R, and Bat Caddy X8R. Both models from the US-based golf caddy manufacturer, Bat Caddy, are hailed as two of the most popular motorized golf caddies.Let's compare the Bat Caddy X4R and Bat Caddy X8R models. But first, let's discuss why you should choose remote-controlled golf caddies from Bat Caddy.

Bat Caddy X4R

Why Choose Bat Caddy Golf Caddies?

Bat Caddy, launched in 2004, is one of the leading global golf caddy manufacturers. The US-based electric golf caddy maker is renowned for its latest technology, safety features, and caddies designed for practicality and everyday golfing needs. From pro golfers to occasional hobbyists, Bat Caddy products are highly regarded by everyone.

A Comparison of Bat Caddy X4R and Bat Caddy X8R

Bat Caddy X3R is largely considered the most sought-after remote-controlled caddy on the market. However, the Bat Caddy X4R and X8R have garnered attention for the following features:

Motor Power

Both the Bat Caddy X4R and Bat Caddy X8R have dual 12V motors. The strong yet noise-free motor of Bat Caddy X4R and X8R allows golfers to play with a reliable remote-controlled caddy without disturbing the serenity of the golf course.

Frame Design

The Bat Caddy X4R is in the X4 series of Bat Caddy and hence has a dual-lock, Z-fold frame. This makes the design of Bat Caddy X4R compact and ultra-sleek for added convenience. On the other hand, the Bat Caddy X8R has the latest no-lock Euro-wave frame. This type of frame is hailed for its sturdy metal construction and adjustable frame handle.

Bat Caddy with SLA

Battery Support

Both the Bat Caddy X8R and Bat Caddy X4R are compatible with multiple battery types, including Sealed-Lead Acid (SLA), Standard Lithium, and Advanced Lithium. You can choose the battery that best fits your golfing needs. While an SLA battery comes with the purchase of both the X4R and X8R, golfers can upgrade to lithium batteries with some additional cost.


The Bat Caddy X4R’s starting price is $899.95 and can go up to $1,199.95. In terms of price, the Bat Caddy X8R is on the higher end due to additional features and advanced technology. You can buy the Bat Caddy X8R for a starting price of $1,099.95 and upward.

Remote Control

Both the Bat Caddy X4R and X8R have a multi-directional remote control, ensuring smooth and hassle-free navigation for golfers, including new players. Furthermore, both the remote-controlled golf caddies also have nine different speed adjustments for forward and backward pacing.

Drive Stability

Like the Bat Caddy X3R, the Bat Caddy X4R comes equipped, as a standard feature, with an anti-tip wheel for added stability on the golf course.And this is where the Bat Caddy X8R makes all the difference with its oversized dual anti-tipping wheel, also called the Mountain Slayer. Golfers can, however, choose to upgrade their Bat Caddy X4R to a Mountain Slayer with minimal additional cost.

Bat Caddy X4R Standard Lithium

Freewheeling Feature

The Bat Caddy X4R, just like the Bat Caddy X3R, offers a freewheeling feature when powered off.On the other hand, the Bat Caddy X8R offers a true freewheeling option that allows golfers to freewheel their remote-controlled golf caddy at any time.

Downhill Speed Control

The downhill navigation of the remote-controlled caddies is presumably the trickiest part for all golfers maneuvering their vehicle on the course. However, with the Bat Caddy X4R and the Bat Caddy X8R’s downhill speed control, taking your caddy downhill is seamless and easy.

Auto-Timed Distance

All Bat Caddy remote-controlled and electric golf caddies without remote control options offer auto-timed distance control features. This much-needed feature prevents accidents on the golf course and gives golfers peace of mind during the game.

The auto-timed distance feature makes being on the course feel so effortless because of the hands-free approach. This is by far one of the most popular features of the Bat Caddies. To be able to have your body motion control the movement of the caddy is game-changing!

Speed Recall Memory

All Bat Caddy caddies come with built-in USB ports. This feature helps you auto-start your golf caddy with the push of a button as the golf caddy starts navigating on the last speed.

Customized wheels of Bat Caddy X8R

USB Port and Caddy Seat

All Bat Caddy products come with built-in USB ports. All Bat Caddy golf caddies are also compatible with an adjustable caddy seat that can be mounted on the caddy with a few simple steps.

Accessories Package

Both Bat Caddy X4R and Bat Caddy X8R come with a standard accessory package, including an umbrella holder, scorecard holder, and drink holder. You can also buy more Bat Caddy accessories online and upgrade your Bat Caddy X4R and Bat Caddy X8R according to your golfing needs.

Final Verdict

Both Bat Caddy X4R and Bat Caddy X8R are popular among golfers globally. If you are a new golfer who seeks to maximize their golfing experience without spending too much initially, pick the Bat Caddy X4R.But if you are a seasoned player and know what you are looking for, then the Bat Caddy X8R is the right golf caddy to help you improve your game and enjoy all the benefits of a remote-controlled caddy.

Turn Around Your Golfing with Remote-Controlled Caddies!

All in all, the Bat Caddy remote-controlled golf caddies are superior, offer unmatched convenience, and have a great price point diversity. So for golfers of all levels, buying Bat Caddy is ultimately the right choice.

If you want to buy the Bat Caddy X4R Standard Lithium, the Bat Caddy X3R, or the Bat Caddy X3 Sport,then reach out to us at Perceptive Golfing. We have Bat Caddy batteries, chargers, and golf bags all in one place.