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Six Downsides Of Using Golf Riding Carts On The Course

Posted on March 28 2023

Golf carts in a parking

Golf is a centuries-old game that was reportedly first played in the 1740s. Traditionally, golfing was played on foot as golfers of all ages walked around the golf course to enjoy the view and socialize. However, with the launch of golf riding carts in 1932, the tradition of walking on the course changed, and many chose convenience over experience.

But it’s 2023 now, and we know of many downsides to golf riding carts that weren’t known by golfers before us. If you’re contemplating buying a remote-controlled golf caddy to carry your golf bag or ride a cart, this blog will help you make up your mind.

Here are the seven downsides of golf riding carts that have decreased popularity over the last few years.

Fewer Health Benefits

Many, if not all, golfers indulge in this sport to enjoy the wide range of health benefits golf has to offer. And walking is essential to fully avail the health benefits of golfing. According to a study, walking on the golf course can help you burn twice as many calories as you will burn if you ride a golf cart.

Damage to the Turf

We all love our golf courses and the lush green grass on the turf. But do you know that riding a golf cart can permanently damage the grass? Whether it’s a rainy day and the turf is wet, or a dry, sunny day, the turf can face the long-term impact of cart traffic. In contrast, electric golf caddies you can navigate while walking on the course are more beneficial for the turf’s health.

 Two golf carts on the course

Limited Experience and Exposure

What’s the fun in playing golf if you do not fully enjoy the view and familiarize yourself with the far-stretched course as you walk? One of the biggest downsides of riding a golf cart is that you only get to see the sideways on the course and miss out on all the beautiful scenery your golf course has to offer.

Environmental Impact

Most golf riding carts burn fuel and gas. This is a major environmental impact that many golfers are concerned about. In comparison, remote-controlled golf caddies with lithium-ion batteries are eco-friendly, long-lasting, and help you enjoy all the benefits of golfing without any environmental damage.

Cost-Intensive Choice

Every time you ride a golf cart, you waste a few dollars within minutes. In contrast, buying a golf caddy to facilitate your walk on the course can prove to be a more cost-efficient choice with long-term benefits.

Inaccessibility to Certain Areas

Because golf riding carts can only access certain areas, you won’t be able to reach all the tees and holes on the golf course in a cart. This is why enthusiastic golfers prefer to buy easy-to-navigate golf caddies to carry their stuff while they play the game on foot.

Walk Your Way For a Great Golf Day!

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