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What Is A Golf Grip And How To Find Your Right Size For It?

Posted on March 30 2023

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Whether you have bought the latest Bat Caddy X8R advanced lithium or have a basic remote-controlled golf caddy, your golfing game is incomplete without the right grip. A golf grip will determine your swing, lower your handicap, and eventually make you a pro golfer.

The golf grip we are talking about in this blog is an essential part of your golf accessories, and having the wrong golf grip size can drastically bring down your game. Ready to learn more about the golf grip that makes or breaks for every golfer? Continue to read below.

What is a Golf Grip?

A golf grip is the uppermost part of your golf club. Made of rubber (or other materials that we’ll discuss below), a grip allows golfers to properly hold their clubs. Having the right golf grip size ensures you’re comfortable and make smooth swings every time you’re on the course.

How to Find the Right Golf Grip Size

A golf grip is an important accessory you should have before your first golf game. However, like clubs, you can’t pick the right golf grip size unless you play a few times with different sizes.

But if you have been playing for a while now and want the golf grip that works for you, here are the tips for finding one.

Measure Your Hand Size

Your hand size is the area between your crease (where your palm meets your arm) to the top of your middle finger. When choosing a golf grip size, the first step is to measure your hand size to know whether you need an undersize, standard, midsize, or jumbo.

 A golfer holding their grip before shot

Pick the Right Shape

Golf grips are available in ribbed, aligned, or round shapes. You can choose the shape that feels right to your hand and helps you be most comfortable. Some people also choose golf grip shapes based on the design that best fits their golf bags.

Consider Different Grip Materials

From velvet, cord, composite, and wrap to hybrid (a mix of cord and rubber), there are numerous grip materials and styles out there. As a new golfer, you may want to start off with a cord-style grip to enjoy extra firmness and a better hold of your club.

Know The Right Feel

The feel of the grip is categorized as soft, medium, and firm. If you have chronic arthritis or any special condition with your hands, consider a soft feel for a comfortable hold on your club. New golfers prefer a firm grip, whereas professionals opt for a medium grip feel.

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We hope you can now easily shop for the right golf grip size after knowing your feel and preferred material.

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