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Bat Caddy 12V Advanced Lithium XL Battery


The Ultimate in Lithium Battery Technology! Bat-Caddy is one of the only companies that currently offers the option of Lithium-FePO4 Batteries. While more expensive than Standard Lithium-Ion, the Li-FePO4 gives you unrivaled performance and life-span, providing double the golf on a single charge and up to 10 times more charging cycles than our Standard SLA battery. When you want the most out of your battery, there is no other choice. (Battery must be charged with matching charger. Using chargers not specific to this battery may cause damage to the battery and/or charger and will void the manufacturers warranty)

*Holes Per Charge - Dual Motor Batcaddy = 18+ / Single Motor Batcaddy = 36+

*Life Cycles = 1500-2000 / Size = 6.5"x5"x3" / Weight = 5lbs

*NOTE: Holes-per-charge and Life Cycles can vary greatly depending on course conditions, battery care/storage, and charging practices. The above numbers are not guarantees but estimations based on real world use when best practices are followed


This Advanced Lithium battery is sold as a replacement for an existing Advanced Lithium battery and does not include the battery leads or canvas carry bag.

If this is a first time purchase, you will still need a charger to utilize it on our carts. The 12V 16AH lithium battery is designed to power our non-remote, single motor carts (X2 Pro, X3, X3 Pro, X4 Classic & X4 Sport). Our battery supplier is ISO 9001 certified and one of the leading lithium battery companies in the world. Quality and reliability is key with these batteries.

NOTE: Lithium batteries require their own specific Lithium charger. DO NOT use a Sealed Lead Acid battery charger on a Lithium battery. If you are converting your existing SLA powered Bat-Caddy cart you need to purchase the Bat Caddy 12V 16Ah Lithium Battery Retrofit Kit


Advanced Lithium Battery Specs:

  • Battery Dimension (LxWxH): 6.5" x 5" x 4" 
  • Weight: 7 Lbs 


Lithium Battery Features and Benefits:

  • Longer battery life - 2X-4X service life compared to lead-acid batteries
  • Built-in safety features including short circuit, overcharge and discharge protection
  • No explosive gasses as found in lead acid batteries
  • Weighs considerably less than traditional batteries
  • Significantly smaller size
  • Capable of higher operating temperatures
  • Steady charging and discharging performance
  • Low self discharge rate and no memory effect
  • Environmentally friendly with no lead and no acid