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Bat Caddy X9 Carbon

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Introducing our new, Ultra-Lightweight, Carbon Stealth Frame Design! The X9R Carbon features, Slim-Design Ultra-quiet motors, inset battery tray, and Carbon-Fiber upper and lower frames – At less than 25lbs with battery, this makes the BATCADDY X9R Carbon up to 30% lighter than the competition, and combines BATCADDY’s industry leading battery technology with unmatched Carbon Fiber durability.

The X9R Carbon is also equipped with our fully directional remote control, downhill speed control, and features all-new Electronic Parking Brake, Advanced Stability Geometry, "Forever" Wheel Treads, and Ultimate Lithium power package. The X9R Series also comes with an exclusive electronics and accessory package, that includes a seat and dual beverage holders!

The BATCADDY X9R Carbon is beautifully designed with every golfer in mind, allowing you to play better golf, and focus on your game, not your bag. WALK LIKE A PRO!

X9R Carbon, Features:

  • Swiss Engineered Stealth Frame Design w/ Carbon wrapped upper and lower frames.
  • Under 25lbs with battery!
  • New Ultra-Quiet Slim-Design Dual Motors
  • New Advanced Stability Geometry
  • New Wider Wheelbase
  • New “Forever Tread” Wheels
  • New Electronic Parking Brake
  • New Removable High-Performance Dual Anti-Tip Wheel
  • New Stainless Steel Umbrella Holder
  • New Low-profile Metal Scorecard/Ball Holder
  • New Exclusive Upgraded Handle Controls
  • New BATCADDY Ultimate Lithium 24v Power Package – (up to 36 Holes per Charge/1000-1500+ Charges)
  • Fully Directional Remote-Control
  • Downhill Speed Control
  • Cruise Control - Stop/Start Feature
  • 10/20/30 auto-distance Feature
  • Fully Adjustable Handle (32” to 44” height)
  • True-Freewheel Mode
  • Quick-release rear wheels for easy storage
  • Dual Cup-Holders
  • Includes Seat
  • Available in 4 different wheel colors - Black/White/Blue/Red
  • X9R also available with a Standard Painted Frame in White or Black –



One-Click Locking Frame (X3 Series)
Sturdy and simple. The One-Click Lock makes setting up and breaking down your Bat-Caddy a breeze. The non-adjustable handle securely locks into place for the round, ready to absorb anything your course can dish out.

Dual Lock Z-Fold Frame w/ Adjustable Handle (X4 Series)
With durable all metal joints and construction, the Z-Fold Frame will stand the test of time. More compact and streamlined than our one-click frame, it also features an adjustable handle to accommodate all height preferences.

No-Lock Euro-Wave Frame w/ Adjustable Handle (X8 Series)
Our most elegant and simple to use frame. With all metal construction, no lock set-up, and an adjustable handle, this frame is for the golfer who wants to check all the boxes.

Stealth Frame Design
Incredibly light and minimal while still being our most stable caddy yet! Available only on our new X9R and X9R Carbon. If your handicap doesn't fill your fellow golfers with envy, the all new X9R certainly will.

Single/Dual 200-Watt Quiet Motor (X3/X4/X8 Series)

Rugged and dependable. Our 200watt motor is built into a weather-proof, maintenance free, sealed housing that provides years of worry-free play. For the biggest bags and most daunting hills our dual-motor Bat-Caddys pack all the punch you will ever need.


Ultra-Quiet Slim Design Dual Motors (X9 Series)

A precision engineered motor compact in size and large on performance, the dual 24v motors have all the torque you need for the hilliest course while saving the space and weight needed.

Advanced Lithium 24V Power Package (X9 Series)

Our first Caddy with a 24 volt power system provides more power and battery life than our industry leading standard 12v packages.


Advanced Stability Geometry (X9 Series)

Engineered with a redesigned geometry lowering the center of gravity and equalizing weight distribution through out the Caddy to strike the perfect balance of maneuverability and stability.


Wider Wheel Base (X9 Series)

In conjunction with our Advanced Stability Geometry, a wider wheelbase promotes the most stability possible on the course. And equipped with quick release rear wheels, storage is still a breeze.

Simple Manual Operation/9 Forward Speeds/Cruise Control w/ Speed Recall (X3/X4/X8 Series)

Set your speed once with the Cruise Control Knob (up to 7mph for you speed golfers!) then simply use the start/stop button on the handle to stop for your shot and resume at the same speed setting when you’re done. Set it and forget it!

Upgraded Handle Controls (X9 Series)

New responsive button design and 10 level battery charge indicator make manual control of your Caddy easier than ever.


Battery Level Indicator (X3/X4/X8 Series)

A simple green/red light system lets you know when your battery has reached 25% capacity and it is time to charge.


Power-Off Free Wheel (X3/X4 Series)/True Free Wheel Model (X8/X9 Series)

Forget to charge your battery? No problem! All X3 Series and X4 Series are designed to be pushed when there is no power connected to your Bat-Caddy. With the power off the motors will spin freely allowing you to play your round without battery power. For a True Free-Wheel experience the X8 and X9 Series caddys provide a quick release wheel that disengages completely from the motors. This allows for a no-resistance push, and also makes it safe to tow your Caddy (in an emergency only) without creating unnecessary wear on the motors.


Auto-Timed Distance Control (X3/X4/X8/X9 Series)

Send your Caddy off for 10, 20, or 30 yards and watch it stop automatically with the click of a button.

USB Charging Port (X3/X4/X8/X9 Series)

Charge your Range Finder/GPS/Phone on the go with the conveniently located USB plug.


Fully Directional Remote Control (X3/X4/X8/X9 Series - Remote Models Only)

9 Forward Speeds, 9 Reverse Speeds, Left and Right from a standstill and while moving in forwards or reverse. Plus the Timed Distance Control, all in the palm of your hand! The remote also includes an on/off switch you can use to prevent any accidental button pushes while not using the Remote Control.

Downhill Speed Control (X3/X4/X8/X9 Series - Remote Models Only)

Stop worrying about having to hold onto your Bat-Caddy going down hills! With our Downhill Speed-Control the motors will do the work for you, maintaining the set speed as the slope increases.

Electronic Parking Brake (X9 Series)

You asked for it! Our electronic parking brake makes parking your Caddy on tilted surfaces a breeze (Note: Overweight bags and severely tilted surfaces will cause the Caddy to roll slowly as this in not a mechanical brake)

"Forever Tread" Wheels (X9 Series)

Our new wheel design marries the tread to the rim, creating a system that will last as long as your Caddy does.

Oversized Anti-Tip Wheel/Oversized Dual Anti-Tip wheel (Mountain Slayer) - X3/X4/X8 Series

Stop falling over! Our oversized Anti-Tip Wheels provide all the stability you need for going uphill and any unexpected wheelies and come standard on all Remote-Controlled and Pro Model Bat-Caddys. Our Dual Anti-Tip Wheel, known as the “Mountain Slayer”, comes standard on the X8R and adds another level of security for courses with longest, steepest uphill climbs. Classic and Sport Models are not compatible with anti-tip wheels as they are designed to be controlled while holding the handle of the Bat-Caddy during the round.

High Performance Dual Anti-Tip Wheel (X9 Series) 

With a new streamlined profile and high-performance acrylic wheels, you can climb the hills you need without worrying about sacrificing maneuverability.




X3 Sport X4 Sport X3R X4R X8R X9R / X9R CARBON
One-Click Locking Frame - - - -
Dual-Lock Z-Fold Frame - - - -
No-Lock Euro-Wave Frame - - - - -
Stealth Design Frame - - - - -
Advanced Stability Geometry - - - - -
"Forever Tread" Wheels - - - - -
Single 12V Motor - - - -
Dual 12V Motors - - -
Dual 24V Motors - - - - -
Simple Handle Operation -
Upgraded Handle Electronics - - - - -
Speed Recall Cruise Control
Fully Directional Remote Control - -
Standard Battery Level Indicator -
Upgraded Battery Level Indicator - - - - -
USB Charging Port
Single Anti-Tip Wheel
(Upgradeable to "Mountain Slayer")
- - - -
Dual Anti-Tip Wheel
("Mountain Slayer")
- - - - -
Low Profile High-Performance
Dual Anti-Tip Wheel
- - - - -
Power-Off Freewheel - -
True Freewheel Mode - - - -
Auto-Timed Distance Control
Downhill Speed Control - -
Electronic Parking Brake - - - - -
Standard Accessory Package Included -
Upgraded Accessory Package Included - - - - -




X3 Sport X4 Sport X3R X4R X8R X9R / X9R CARBON
Open Dimensions Length: 42.0"
Width: 22.3"
Height: 39.8"
Length: 45.0"
Width: 23.5"
Height: 36-44"
Open height varies due to adjustable handle.
Length: 42.0"
Width: 25.5"
Height: 37.5"
Length: 45.0"
Width: 23.5"
Height: 36-44"
Open height varies due to adjustable handle.
Length: 45.0"
Width: 23.5"
Height: 36-44"
Open height varies due to adjustable handle.
Length: 44.0"
Width: 26.0"
Height: 36-46"
Open height varies due to adjustable handle.
Folded Dimensions Length: 30.0"
Width: 22.3"
Height: 15.3"
Length: 33.0"
Width: 23.5"
Height: 13.0"
Length: 37.0"
Width: 25.5"
Height: 13.5"
Length: 38.0"
Width: 23.5"
Height: 14.0"
Length: 36.0"
Width: 23.5"
Height: 13.0"
Length: 35.0"
Width: 26.0"
Height: 12.5"
Shipping Box Dimensions Length: 36.0"
Width: 21.0"
Height: 13.0"
Length: 33.0"
Width: 24.0"
Height: 11.0"
Length: 34.0"
Width: 24.0"
Height: 14.0"
Length: 33.0"
Width: 24.0"
Height: 11.0"
Length: 36.0"
Width: 23.5"
Height: 13.0"
Length: 30.0"
Width: 26.0"
Height: 13.0"
(Excluding Battery & Accessories)
19.0 LBS 20.0 LBS 22.4 LBS 23.3 LBS 25.1 LBS 14.2 LBS