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Novacaddy P1D3 Caddy with 12V 35Ah

$596.98 USD $799.00 USD

The P1D3 Electric Golf Trolly is one of the lightest on the market, while keeping impressive power and plentiful battery life.

Equipped with a powerful 250-watt motor, the P1D3 has no problems climbing the steepest fairways and hills. Feeding this motor, you´ll find a large 36AH sealed battery, allowing you to play comfortably for 36 holes without requiring a recharge.



  1. Electric Golf Trolley, P1D3
  2. 12V 35Ah lead acid rechargeable battery w/ carrying bag
  3. AC Battery charger


The onboard digital display allows the user to preset 3 distance functions at the touch of a button: 10M, 20M, and 30M. The unique onboard memory system allows users to preset and save your favourite speed settings, choosing from 5 speed settings that can be easily adjusted at the turn of the power knob. Additionally, the onboard display can also show the battery status, and continuously run self diagnosis for any other issues.

Folded dimensions: 820mmX530mmX320mm (32 x 21 x 12 inch )

Simple assembly in just seconds, including the quick-release puncture-proof wheels.




  • Digital control panel offering "On-Off", and five speed settings for ease of use.
  • Automatic forward Cruise functions
  • Electronic brake and Go/Stop function
  • Dual handle catering for left and right handed golfers
  • Lightweight and sturdy aerospace grade aluminum frame. 9.5kg (21lb) without battery, 19kg (42lb) with battery.
  • Quick Release Wheels
  • Includes Slim-line 4A Charger - stops charging when the battery is full. No need to worry about overcharging.
  • 250W motor , Battery: 12V, 35Ah
  • Max. Load capacity: 40kg (88lb)
  • USB charger port allowing for charging of cell phone, GPS, or other USB device




  • 250-watt motor
  • 12V 35Ah acid-lead rechargeable battery, w/ carrying bag
  • AC Battery charger
  • Max. Load capacity: 40kg (88lb)
  • 9.5kg (21lb) without battery, 19kg (42lb) with battery.
  • Folded dimensions: 820mmX530mmX320mm (32 x 21 x 12 inch )