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NovaOptik Laser Rangefinder with FlagSticker, Seekerd6


NovaOptik Seeker 6d/ Carrying Case w/ Belt Loop
Detachable Wrist Strap/ 1xCR2, 3V Battery
Microfiber Lens Cleaner/ Product Manual


 The compact and lightweight, the NovaOptik Seeker 6D weighs just 6.9 ounces (197 gram) and is accurate from 5 to 660 yards. The Seeker 6D's onboard FlagSticker technology will consistency enabling you to accurately range up to 275 yards (±1 yard) to the flag without the use of reflectors.

Designed exclusively with the bottom of the cup in mind, NovaOptik´s flag mode allows easy acquisition of the flag without inadvertently capturing background target distances. When more than one object is acquired, the closest object is shown on the LCD screen.

Powered by a 3-volt CR2 battery, the ultra-compact Seeker 6D boasts a 6x magnification and features a rugged exterior, making it easy to grip and handle. It also comes with a carrying case. 

SCAN mode also comes pre-programmed, which allows you to pan across the landscape while viewing a continuously updating LCD display of the distances between you and the targets you scan.

Other features include distance readings in both yards and meters, dioptre adjustment function, single-hand operation, a large LCD digital display, and long eye relief design for comfort even among eyeglass wearers.

The Seeker 6D is legal for tournament play and for posting of scores for handicap purposes.



  • Accuracy: +/- 1 yard
  • Measure range: 5 yard - 670 yard
  • FlagSticker technology to combine pinpoint and small object accuracy range up to 275 yards
  • Fast and easy to aim
  • Water and dust resistant
  • 10 second read remain
  • Compact and lightweight, only 6.9 ounces (197 gram)
  • Scan function
  • Ergonomic body design
  • 6x magnification
  • 7 degree field of view
  • 24mm optical glass objective lens
  • Invisible and eye-safe laser, FDA Class I/CE
  • Default to "Last Use" settings
  • Diopter adjustment







  • Optical System
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Objective Lens (mm): 24
  • Eyepieces (mm): 16
  • Exit pupil (mm): 3.9
  • Eye-relief (mm): 18.4
  • Diopter adjust range: +/-4
  • Display: LCD
  • Lens: Optical glass
  • Laser and Dimension
  • Class: Laser class 1
  • Wavelength: 905um eye-safe
  • Maximum Range: 670 yards (600 meters)
  • FlagSticker to pinpoit rang: 275 yard (250 meter)
  • Closed focus: 5 yards (5 meters)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 yard (+/- 1 meter)
  • Battery life (actuations): 5000
  • Battery type: CR2, 3V
  • Weight (without battery): 6.7 ounces (190 gram)
  • Dimension: 4.17 x 2.87 x 1.61 inch (106 x 73 x 41 mm)