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Spitzer D1 Golfing/Hunting Laser Rangerfinder


Golf involves differentiating the certain from the uncertain. The key is to make sure of the distance between you and your target. Stop agonizing. Do yourself a favor. Get to know exactly how far you are from the objective. Get some technology behind you. But be aware that knowing the precise distance is not the point. Your goal is still to maximize your chances... with a little help from SPITZER.

In golf, distance is an absolute fact. It can be quantified precisely. Playing golf, however, is not quantifiable. That's because on any given day, or even hour, climatic conditions at the golf course can change dramatically. These conditions include temperature, atmospheric pressure, general visibility, wind veloctiy and many other factors. All these again support the conclusion: your game can be considerably better off with a SPITZER D1 Laser Rangefinder. 



  1. Laser receiver aperture
  2. Objective lens / laser emission aperture
  3. MODE button / Meter-Yard Change
  4. POWER button / Transmitting Button
  5. Eyecup and diopter adjustment ring
  6. 7X monocular eyepiece
  7. Battery compartment
  8. Neck strap eyelet



  • Target Quality Indicator: Digitally indicates the strength of the laser during measurement.
  • Recticle: Use it to take aim at the target. Position the target at the center of the reticle.
  • Range: Displays the distance to the target.
  • Measuring Units: Digitally indicates measured distance in meters or yards.
  • Battery Indicator: Low battery indicator.