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Spitzer R5 Digital (with Distance Timer)

$799.00 $1,099.99


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The R5 remote control golf trolley gives you the freedom to walk the course without the burden of carrying your heavy golf bag, resulting in a more enjoyable and focused game. You will never have to leave some clubs at home fearing a heavy bag again!



  • 1 handheld Remote Control BONUS Extra Remote Control
  • Premium Lead Acid Battery with High Amperage quick Intelligent Auto charger



The SPITZER AUTO-IQ control system allows the user to set automatic distance timer. The cart can move 10, 20, or 30m automatically. Remaining distance is digitally printed out on the handle!

High Tech Aluminum Alloy S-Frame - Light weight, durable & best looking in the Industry

Powerful, Noiseless, Fast, Independent Dual Motors - The R5 features a pair of powerful 200W noiseless DC electric motors. Works and lasts like a tank!!!

Easy to use Multi-Function Remote Control featuring directional controls, timed advance function and emergency and soft coasting stop functions, as well as Manual Handle Controls and 3-Stage Battery Charge Indicator, so you are in complete control of ALL Caddy Functions ALL the Time!


  • Resume last speed with a push of the "Go" Button
  • Auto-Run mode with 3 choices of distance: 10, 20, 30 m
  • Displays in digital format the remaining distance to travel on handle - in Real-Time!
  • Pre-selected distance can be paused and resume
  • Battery LED Indicator Lights
  • Variable 9-speed selector knob - choose your ideal walking pace


  • Fully functional remote
  • Directions: Forward, Reverse, Left, Right, Stop
  • Pause and Resume at the same speed
  • Long Range, up to 150m
  • Anti-Jamming Controller, will not interfere with other cart signals.




  • Remote Controlled Electric golf cart
  • 12V Battery and charger(100-220V) world-wide voltage
  • Remote control
  • Ships in a fully-insulated carton box







Specification R5 / R5 Digital
Best Seller, Advanced Controls
Folded Dimensions
(L x W x H)
84 x 58 x 36cm
31 x 23 x 14in
Unfolded dimensions
(L x W x H)
110 x 61 x 98cm
43 x 24 x 38in
Net weight with battery: 55lb (25 kg)
without battery: 31 lb (12.3kg)
Electric Motor Type Dual 200W (12V DC)
Battery - Premium Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Type
- 12V-36Ah (36 holes)
- 250 charge cycles
Charger Smart-Charge DC Trickle Charger
Input: 100-240V AC 
Output: 12V 3A DC 
Control System SPITZER AUTO-IQ Logic
Max. speed 9 km/h / 6 mph
Max. Remote Distance 100m / 109 yards
Max. Incline (degrees) 35
Max. Loading 40 kg / 88 lbs
Wheels (Front & Rear) - Rubberized Ultra-grip tread
- No air required
- Quick-Release Rear Wheels
- Front Wheels with adjustable tracking 
Frame Construction - Mandrel Bent Aluminum Tubing 
- Tri-Coat Paint System
Warranty 1 year
Features - Fixed Auto-Distance Feature (10m/20m/30m) - Two digit LED display for display of Auto-Distance countdown and Speed setting