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Bat Caddy Advanced Lithium Battery Charger

$99.95 $119.99

Smart Charger for BATCADDY Advanced Lithium-FePO4 Battery only.

An upgrade over Standard Chargers, The Advanced Lithium-FePO4 Smart Charger will help your battery last! With 4 stage charging and smart load technology, the Smart Charger will extend the life of your battery by reducing stress during charging cycles, and making sure the battery is operating a peak efficiency. The best charger, for the best battery.

Charge BATCADDY Batteries with ONLY the matching charger. Not using the correct charger may damage the battery or charger and will void the warranty.

    Contains many advanced features including short-circuit protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection and internal cooling fan. Connects to battery via a single pole jack connected to the charging socket on the side of the battery rather than connecting to the visible positive and negative terminals. Bat-Caddy Lithium Battery chargers are high quality, compact and powerful trickle chargers.

    Warranty: One year