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Axglo Flip n' Go 4 Wheel Push Cart

$199.95 $249.99

The Flip n' Go has been intuitively designed with a fool proof two step open and close function. Moreover, the structure is supported by a strong, lightweight aluminium frame and easy handling is further guaranteed by a hand-activated break lever to engage and release when necessary.

Axglo, is the manufacturer of robust and easy-to-assemble golf push trolleys, has designed a simple, and high-performance four-wheel model. The new Axglo Four-Wheel Flip ‘n’ Go push trolley offers stability whatever the terrain, is quick and easy to assemble and folds down small for compact storage.

The new model has been engineered to ensure even weight distribution and therefore stability, no matter what the terrain. The four wheels work in tandem to ensure the trolley will perform on even the most undulating layout.


The Axglo Flip ‘n’ Go also comes with a newly designed console with larger capacity to store personal items, including beverage, balls and other accessories.  This model is one of the most compact, therefore easily storable four-wheel carts on the market, measuring just 24.8″ x 16.7″ x 12.8″ (folded measurement). 





  • Powder coated protective paint for outdoor usage
  • Bag holding rack supports most golf bags of different sizes with adjustable bag strap to secure the golf bag in place
  • Adjustable handles to suit each user’s preference
  • The console cover is also used as a scorecard holder
  • Beverage and umbrella holders as standard
  • Maintenance and air free wheels
  • 1 year limited warranty



    • Handle-Mounted Brakes - Easy "Lock and Release" Type• Adjustable Bag Support - Fits Any Size Golf Bag
    • Adjustable Handle - Adjusts to Your Preference
    • Front Wheels Can Be Aligned
    • Also Includes Score-Card Console + Drink & Umbrella Holders
    • High-Strength Materials -- A Solid & Durable Structure