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JuCad Drive SL Titan 2.0

$4,675.50 $5,195.00

The foldable electric trolley in titanium.

A perfect combination of timeless design and functionality makes the JuCad drive SL Titan 2.0 a professional companion on the round of golf. This convenient electric trolley in high-grade titanium offers maximum comfort. Folded down a convenient and flat pack size is achieved in seconds. The JuCad drive SL Titan 2.0 with its robust construction is a reliable partner on the course and suitable for the heaviest bags – it simply has no weight limit. The intelligent technology package provides further comfort and includes quiet brushless motors with a double-sided parking brake for secure grip on the steepest of terrains and an integrated charge state display. The environment friendly power pack is safely stored in your golf bag – the heart of the trolley system is therefore protected from all external influences and the elegant appearance is not spoilt by technicalities. The elegant rotary speed control, the automatic preset distance button and the additional reverse drive guarantee a comfortable round of golf.



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This exclusive electric golf caddy was born in Germany in 1988. Every JuCad golf caddy is custom-made and handcrafted with precision and attention to detail.

Our Jucad golf trolley sets itself apart from the rest by weighing only 5.9 kg. This super portable and light electric trolley made with high-quality titanium and a satin finish offers increased flexibility and looks sleek.

The Jucad electric golf trolley is compact enough to fit into any car and gold bag. Using smart technology and a lithium-powered battery, the trolley lasts for up to 45 holes and brings additional comfort to the court.

This golf trolley also uses quiet brushless motors and a double-sided brake to enable secure travel over different terrains. JuCad golf caddies are uniquely designed to minimize weight and size and are only built from the strongest and most durable high-tech materials. Customers really enjoy the ability to make customized changes to things like Tire Color, Frame Color, Wheel Rim Color, etc., for their new trolley.

So, if you’re looking for an elegant, stable, and portable electric trolley, you can shop our Jucad golf trolley today.





***This is an Electric Caddy.

If you would like it to be customized to be a Remote Controlled Caddy, we can do that for an additional $395. This will also include the JuCad Anti-Tip Wheel. You can purchase it as is online &  send us an email after you place this order or place it in the notes as you place this order. 


Package JACCESS1 Includes:
JuCad Scorecard Holder
JuCad Bottle Support
JuCad Remote Control w/ Charger
JuCad Anti-Tip Wheel
JuCad Carry Bag
Promotional Price: $395 (OVER $875 VALUE!)
Package JACCESS2 Includes:
JuCad Scorecard Holder
JuCad Bottle Support
JuCad Carry Bag
Promotional Price: FREE (OVER $225 VALUE!)

   All Custom Orders, take on average 6 - 8 weeks to customize.



  • (formerly Jucad Drive Stainless Steel 2.0)
  • simple operation with stepless rotary speed control
  • height adjustable handle bar
  • rotary control switch for drive, reverse and neutral functions
  • automatic preset distance control button (10-20-30 m / yd.)
  • easy push or pull handling even without battery power
  • cables, motors and battery remain invisible
  • electronic downhill brake (cruise control)
  • upper and lower folding / turning bag supports
  • extremely strong free running high-tech wheels
  • wheels with interchangeable air-cushion tyres
  • choice of several wheel and tyre colours at no extra cost
  • easily achieved flat packing size
  • umbrella fixing system for JuCad umbrella
  • high performance lithium battery for up to 45 holes incl. energy recovery and charger
  • weight frame and wheels 7.2 kg / 15.9 lb
  • optional remote control
  • integrated technology package: electronic parking brake on both sides, brushless motors, magnetic plugs and charge state display